Andrew Flanagan

Alchemy Independent 

I have been drummer for 6 1/2 years. I steered out playing and taking drumset lessons in 9th grade and really got into it. My teacher said I should look into doing marching band/joining and indoor ensemble. 

I took his advice and auditioned for my high-schools indoor line Holly Springs Percussion Indoor at Holly Springs High school. I marched 1 indoor season on Bass, and then two seasons of indoor on Quads. I also marched two seasons of Outdoor on Quads. 

I graduated as center quad from holly springs and auditioned at NC State on quads. I made the varsity line at State freshman year on Quads. 

I marched Quads for 4 years at state, this past year (my senior year) I was center and also the Co-Section leader with Eli Mills. 

In addition to marching at state. I marched with Fusion Percussion and Independent open line out of Charlotte, NC. In 2015. 

I have a strong passion for drumming as well as teaching others drums. I have staffed at Athens Drive High School as a Quad tech for two years, and love seeing those kids progress as drummers. 

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