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The mission of Carolina Gold Performing Arts is

to provide a stimulating and rewarding social experience

through music education, competitive performance

and community engagement.

To fulfill this mission, Carolina Gold is committed to

promoting and nurturing an environment that

encourages and fosters learning, discipline, diligence,

and high-quality performance and treats all individuals

with dignity and respect.

Learn more about the

2021 Drum Corps


- Kennith Watts, Jr. / Carolina Gold Drum Major 2014-2016

Our culture has been about bringing on passionate people,

nurturing a creative environment, and finding a way to innovate

an art that we all share love for.


Through that, we build a family.

One that stands equally on the field beside us

and will use every breath for the person next to them to succeed.

That’s the power of Carolina Gold.”


Carolina Gold is excited about the launch of the 2021 season!

Carolina Gold Drum Corps has applied for re-classification from DCI All-Age to DCI Open Class for 2021. 

Head over to the Register tab to get your packet and get signed up for our Virtual Camps this month!

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