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Register now for the 2020 season

Are you DCI or DCA? 


Carolina Gold has applied for a reclassification from DCI's All Age Division to compete DCI Open Class for 2020. Our regular season performance schedule is posted on the DCI website, and the appearance in DCI Open Class Finals will be added if the reclassification is approved. 

What age do I have to be to participate in DCI Open Class?


Feel free to use the 'Age Calculator' found on the DCI website to confirm that you are 'age eligible'. To participate with Carolina Gold Drum & Bugle Corps as a member, one must turn 15 years old before June 1, 2020.


What is the cost to join the corps?


Dues & Fees for the 2020 season will be $2,150. Please visit the link here to see the payment schedule for each caption.


How long is the season? Where do you travel?


The ‘competitive season’ runs from July 3rd until the end of DCI World Championships on August 8th. 

Please visit the DCI website for the current performance schedule. 


The rehearsal season for the full corps will begin on the weekend of April 24th -26th after the conclusion of WGI Championships.

Where are the rehearsals held?


The first three audition camps will be held in Wendell, NC. The exact address will be sent out to those who have registered. We expect all rehearsals to be held in Johnston County, NC, but could branch out in the greater Triangle area.


What are camp/rehearsal weekends like?


Most rehearsal weekends begin around 8 pm on Friday and run until approximately 6 pm on Sunday.


Although we will have 'move-ins' and shorter tours during the competitive part of the season, the majority of camps in the early season will occur on weekends. 

Please check our current schedule for details. 


I have issues with ‘this/these dates’, can I still march?


Contact your particular caption head to talk through these issues on a ‘case-by-case’ basis. We understand that it’s quite hard to have availability on all the weekends listed and try as much as possible to allow for planned member absences as long as the ensemble is not negatively affected.


I live far away, what is that like for members who live far from the area like me?


Although many members live in the Triangle area, 70% of the corps comes from outside the immediate area.  Many members come from locations such as upstate South Carolina, eastern and western North Carolina, Virginia, etc.  Chances are, we have members coming from a similar area as you and you’ll be able to carpool with others to save on transportation costs.


How do we get in contact with someone about joining?


Please click on the “Join” link located on the website for more information or contact our Executive Director Larry Harper, Jr. at


I won't be marching, or I'm a parent, how else can I be involved?


Feel free to drop our Executive Director Larry Harper, Jr. at to touch base, or for more information. We are always looking for volunteers to help support the efforts of the corps both at home and when it travels.

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